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Exhibit of Sorrows is an indie horror game created by ADayofJoy.


  • The Clown lures a boy in using a balloon and kills him, possibly using an industrial air pump and some sort of black infection. This boy would later become Mr. Floaty.
  • The Clown breaks a person's faucet in the bathtub, causing that person to drown, possibly in the black liquid. That person would later become Mr. Washy.
  • The Clown breaks and rips off a person's fingers, possibly to torture them, which causes the person to die in pain. That person would later become Mr. Handy.
  • The Clown lures a girl with confetti and tries to take her away, but the girl resists, forcing the clown to break her arm, possibly ripping it off. This girl would later become Ms. Stretch.
  • At some point, the Clown creates the Jack in the Box, possibly using a child's head.
  • At some point, the Exhibit of Smiles is created, possibly by the Clown, using its past victims as displays.
  • The events of “Exhibit of Sorrows” take place:
    • A person visits the Exhibit of Smiles out of curiosity, after interacting with the exhibitions, the energy in the place goes out, the person turns the energy back on and tries to leave, but the Clown stops him.
    • The Clown transforms the place into the “Exhibit of Sorrows”, possibly taking it to another dimension.
    • The person begins to kill the exhibits in ways similar to how they died, possibly due to influence or malicious intent.
    • The Clown lures the person into a white room and traps them, possibly making them into an exhibit just like the others.